Seasons Change

This picture was taken in early September on one of my many bike rides on Lake County Forest Preserve’s very own Millennium Trail. This section of the trail in particular rests at the corner of IL Route 176 and North Fairfield Road in Wauconda. After passing underneath 176 and heading towards the Fairfield underpass, I saw this tree and had to stop. Something about it stood out, and the something was its bareness.

Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlazerRy
Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlazerRy

While there is still plenty of green around, as you can see in the backdrop, the absence of leaves on this tree signifies the start of a new season, not just in nature, but in life. The time has gone just as fast as the warm weather, which is scary, yet oddly comforting. Thinking about all of the things that have been accomplished over this time brings back fond memories. I am definitely still the same person, but I am growing stronger in every aspect of my life. For that, I am thankful.

The seasons will always change, and so will you. Just be sure to stay true to who you really are.


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