Be Yourself

This picture was taken yesterday on Route 120 in Volo while I was running around doing errands. While it is not the safest thing to do at times, I am always taking pictures while I’m driving. Being out and about often provides me with a great opportunity to shoot, something I will always take full advantage of whenever I can. If you could not tell, I am very fascinated with clouds, as they are the subject matter of many of the photos I take. I think I like them so much because, to the human eye, they are all a little different in their own special way. They have different sizes, shapes, and colors, all which make them unique. I like this analogy and feel like I am this way as well.

Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlazerRy
Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlazerRy

For those who know me well, I am not like many you come across. I am different in my own special way, and I feel like that makes me the kind of person others can confide in. Doing this for people is something that brings me more joy than I can describe. Because of this, I will never stop being me.

Always be yourself no matter what. Someone will love and appreciate you for it one day.


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