This picture was taken Friday night at Grant Township, also known as Field of Dreams. This place is a short three minute drive from my house and is somewhere I go to work out, relax, and think. It also happens to be a spot where I see some great sunsets, much like the one in this picture.

Fall in the Midwest is something special and is my favorite season for so many reasons. I love the changing of the leaves, the sunshine, the absolutely perfect low to mid 60’s temperatures we sometimes get, and the re-focusing of goals and plans people have before gearing up for the new year. While I hate the fact that the days seem shorter due to darkness setting in earlier, seeing these sunsets is something I’ll never get tired of. The views allow me to place my thoughts and concerns in the back seat for a while, as I hear the voice in my head silently tell me to breathe. At that moment, all my problems seem so much smaller and I can focus on what really matters to me.

Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlazerRy
Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlazerRy

When people tell me I deserve the best life has to offer, I’m the first person to thank them, but in the same breath, knock myself back down to size. In reality, I don’t think I “deserve” anything. I don’t act the way I do for show. I do so because I have a love for life and everything/everyone in it. I feel like its my purpose to be the type of person who is genuine and honest with every single person I come across, not only because they need it, but because I believe in them. When it comes to others life troubles, I tell them to do the same thing I do myself; breathe. It allows them to put things into perspective and realize how truly possible it is to overcome those troubles, no matter how big they seem. If something I say and believe can help put things in perspective for someone and allow them to think differently, I have done my job.

No matter how big your troubles may seem, don’t forget to breathe.


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