This picture was taken yesterday at the meeting point of Fish Lake Road and Gilmer Road in the town of Wauconda. After weeks of bitter cold weather, it was actually nice to get a day of decent weather with the temperature being in the 50’s. Of course it dropped back down into the 40’s and below today, but it was a nice break.

The snapshot I’m featuring in this entry is the first one not photographed by me. My dad actually took this and sent it to me while I was at work, which was very thoughtful of him. The shot is both amazing and colorful, as one can see all the crazy yellows and oranges of the sky through the outlining of the bare, leafless trees. To be honest, it is just typical Lake County.

Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlazerRy
Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlazerRy

After enduring this week, which involved working retail on Black Friday, seeing a picture like this put everything into perspective. Something as simple as a sunset allowed me to see that there is a whole lot out in the world that I have yet to experience. It shows me that I still have a lot left to accomplish and that my dreams are something I can reach if I stay faithful and keep moving forward.

I am not where I want to be right now, but I know that I need to continue to stay positive and make the most of this time. I don’t know when I’ll reach my dreams, as that time may just be right around the corner or years away, but I am going to try my best to help and encourage others to reach theirs in the meantime. That is what I was put on this Earth to do and I won’t stop until I’m called home.

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”




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