This picture was taken earlier this month on a bike trek through the woods near my house. I have been riding through these woods for over half my life, still finding myself experiencing the same amazing feelings I did as a kid. I feel an overwhelming sense of comfort, like I am in my own little world and absolutely nothing can touch me. I also feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

This shot in particular was taken at the end of the wooded section of the trail near my neighborhood. Before exiting the woods and hopping on the next trail, I decided to stop and take in the scene. The light was hitting the bare trees and leave-covered ground in a way that was very moving. It’s funny, I have been in this very same spot hundreds of times, but never stopped to fully take in everything that was going on or think about how fortunate I was to be there in that moment.

Do you ever get those overwhelmingly warm feelings? You know, the one’s you experience when you accomplish something great, when someone tells you they love you, when you know you’ve made someone smile? I think we all get those from time to time, some more than others, but you get the point. We have all felt this way, but it takes something different for each one of us to get there. Personally, I feel this way when I drive around the community where I have spent the majority of my life. Some of you probably think I’m nuts for saying this, but I honestly think that Lake County could be it for me.

Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlaxzerRy
Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Trail BlaxzerRy

Being an individual who loves to travel and see/experience new things, some will not fully understand the statement I made in the previous sentence. Why not try something new? They probably can’t wrap their mind around the fact that I seem content here, having no desire to uproot and blaze a new trail in a new place. Their points, while valid, fail to recognize one major thing: I can blaze any trail I please. The best thing about this is that I don’t need to leave home permanently to do so. If I was called elsewhere, of course I would follow the plan that has been written for me, but for the time being, I’m fine where I’m at. I can always take a trip.

Many people think that being in a new place or situation will be the answer to all of their problems. It is for some, as a fresh start can provide exactly what is needed for true happiness to be discovered, but many find themselves in the exact same place they were before.  They were in such a hurry to escape, that they failed to recognize what the term “home” really meant. Home is not a place one can go. Home is the warm feeling inside you, one which gives you that overwhelmingly comfortable feeling. The great thing is, you can get this feeling anywhere, whether it’s somewhere new or a place you have been your whole life.

It takes some of us longer to find this feeling, but once you do, you will discover a warmth you have never felt before. Never let it go.


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