Leave Failure Behind

It is hard to believe that early November could feel like this. The sun is shining and I am walking through the woods with my music and my thoughts, trying my best to make sense of what is going on in my life. I think about these things daily, but walks alone in this weather seem to bring about the most intriguing thoughts, issues, and answers to the questions I have been asking myself. Over the past month, I have taken some major risks and while it has been cool to see things take shape, failure is an idea that always hangs around.

Why do we let the idea of failure hang around? For starts, it is a much easier thing to do. The majority of us don’t like being let down, so we go into something with low expectations, being surprised by a positive outcome or just carrying on with our lives after a negative outcome because “I didn’t expect this or that to go my way in the first place”. Secondly, many of us put an extraordinary amount of pressure on ourselves to perform, so much so, that even falling slightly short of a goal completely blinds us to anything positive we learned. Lastly, there is a driving force in the world we live in which tells us that we cannot do what we set out to do. We live in a world of critics who doubt our motives and aspirations, receiving ridicule for trying to make something of ourselves.

The world will tell you a million and one reasons why something will not work or why what you are doing is illogical, and many of these suggestions are solid, rational, and well-rounded. However, all a person needs is one reason why it will. This one positive can be used catapult you somewhere beyond what you originally thought was possible. The amazing thing about the human race is our ability to adapt and make the most out of things when there seems to be nowhere to go. We do what we have to do to make ourselves better and take care of what means the most to us. Everything might be working against a person, but they still find a way to make their own mark where they are. This idea and reality is something we should never stop fighting for.

So much has happened this year and things continue to change, for better or worse depending on what your perception is, but one thing I am positive about is that I got to wake up this morning. I received the opportunity to continue walking on this path I am on, live the journey I am part of, and leave people better than I found them. Failure is not an option for me and my life because I have so much more to say and do. So do you. Start living on purpose.


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