Venture Out

It is the day before Thanksgiving and as an outsider looking in, anyone would be able to take a look at my life and tell me how blessed I am. I am in a much different place than I was a year ago. I have solid relationships with my close friends and family. I am marrying my best friend and the best woman I know in September. I have an awesome job where I get to coach awesome kids and coach with the most solid, fun group of guys I know. I finally took the plunge after years of letting an idea poke at my brain and started my own business, where I get to do things I am passionate about every day.

My life is not perfect, nor do I expect it to be, but I have nothing to complain about. I have happiness, my health, a strong mind, a big heart, and the desire to improve myself every single day. So why do I get anxious  and uneasy sometimes? Why couldn’t I turn my brain off and get some decent sleep last night? Why do I doubt myself and the plan that is laid out for me? I think it is part of human nature to think about what could go wrong, or rather, what is not going right. I think society has a way of pounding those thoughts into our brains, which is the exact opposite of what we need. Failure is inevitable, as it would be no fun and very un-educational to succeed in everything we do, but we need to look at this differently. We need to look at failure as a learning experience rather than something that is standing over us the second something does not go our way. We need to have the courage to stand back up, stare at failure in the face, and venture back out.

Mt. Rainier National Park; Paradise, WA (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)
Mt. Rainier National Park; Paradise, WA (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)

The majority of my stressors originate from the many unknowns residing in my life. My business is a brand new venture and something I am so excited about, but with things just starting, my name hardly being out there, and having all my own money on the line, I wonder when the success will start to come? I think about the new life I will have a year from now and how I will have to acclimate myself to a whole new place and situation. I wonder how smooth my transition will be and how I will adjust? I wonder what kind of husband I will be and how I will be as a supporter in many different ways? The thing about our stressors, despite how overwhelming they may seem at times, is the fact that they cannot physically stop us from doing anything. They cannot stop us from venturing out and doing what we want to do. We are in charge of our ability to see the opportunities we are given and to ultimately walk through the door.

With the holiday season coming up and 2017 being right around the corner, I want to challenge everyone (myself included) to venture out and do things. End 2016 on a great note. Leave those anxious feelings where they belong. Go live your life. We really have no idea how blessed we are to be living the lives we do; lives filled with purpose.

Stay Blessed,




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