Finish Strong

The most incredible thing about life is the fact that each day, week, year, etc. offers us something different. We may have some of the same consistencies (i.e. our job, significant other, where we live, what our schedule looks like), but the reality is that no single moment will stay the same. You could be having the best time of your life or one of the worst times you have had in quite a while, but everything could change in an instant. Things could go from good to bad, bad to worse, bad to good, or good to better; you just do not know given how random life can be. What you can control is how you adjust to your circumstances.

I have had the best year of my life so far and it is not even close, as I have experienced outstanding blessings in nearly every area. I got engaged, had my most successful year of coaching, started my own business, took awesome vacations, was involved in church and giving back, and developed some great relationships along the way. I literally could not have asked for any more and it has been such an amazing ride, which would not have been possible had I not listened to my gut in the way I have.

As great as things have been for me during months one through eleven, it is this final month of the year which has been giving me trouble. December has been a time of struggle for me on many levels. Business has been very slow and I am having a hard time reaching the next level of customers and contributors for my brand. After turning down a full-time job and making the decision to stay in Illinois for a little while longer, it has been difficult to find additional work which would fit into the schedule I need. I feel like I never see anyone anymore due to conflicting schedules and everyone having their own lives, and this feeling of isolation has been driving me up the wall.

Kalaloch Beach No. 3; Kalaloch, WA (Photo Credit: Leah Applebach)
Kalaloch Beach No. 3; Kalaloch, WA (Photo Credit: Leah Applebach)

I am sure others are experiencing similar things or may have additional items to add to this list. Life can be hard and it can sometimes blind us to the point where we cannot imagine a place where things could be turned around. Whether you have had a bad day, week, month, year or couple of years, it can always be turned around if you choose to accept the challenge. You can start whenever you want. If you do not like where you are at, change it. Do things differently. Be intentional. Sitting in the same places doing the same things is going to yield the same result, and you will not experience changes until you realize this.

We have less than two weeks left in 2016 and I am going to challenge myself and you to finish strong. It does not have to be anything monumental. It can be as simple as waking up early to work out, reaching out to a friend you have not spoken to in a while and grabbing dinner, committing to a daily walk, or writing in a journal/blogging. Take these newly learned habits into the new year and challenge yourself to keep improving upon them. You will find that your days are more exciting and you have this new lust for life and your today. Most importantly, encourage others to do the same thing. It is one thing to improve yourself, but it is a whole different ball game when you can take the positivity in your own life and pass it on to someone else.




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