TODAY MATTERS: The Real Trailblazerry Message

When you start a new business, people always want to know why you did it. Did you see a moving trend in the market? Were you tired tired of working for someone else? Did you want to build something of your own? There are a million more questions one could ask, but the truth is simple; we all have our own reasons.

I started Trailblazerry Brand Co. back in late October for many of the reasons I listed above. I did see a trend in the market I wanted to be part of. I did want to build something of my own and wanted to be able to work on it early in the morning or late at night if I wanted to. I believe in my company and the message/mindset I am encouraging, but it seems as though many people, while witnessing what I am trying to build, still have no clue what my brand is or what it is about.

People take one look at my logo (the compass) and some of the things I post on my social media accounts and assume I am just another outdoor brand. They think they cannot relate to me or what my brand is about because it is not what they are into. If they would take the extra second to dive in and really look, rather than just mull over my posts and hit “Like” on my pictures, they would realize just how much I do relate to them with everything I am doing. They would realize that my compass logo is not meant to attract strictly “outdoorsy” type people. They would find out that my compass is a symbol representing the direction of paths in life. Compasses are not navigation systems. They do not tell you where to go. They point you north. It is up to the individual to decide where they want to go and where they want their journey to take them.

In business, most experts will tell you to find a niche. When you find a niche, you find a spot to offer your goods, services, messages, advice, wisdom, and anything else your company does or is associated with. Want to know what my niche is with Trailblazerry Brand Co.? My niche is “today”. Do you have one of those? Do you have a “today”? If you wake up every morning, you have a today. If you go to a job you like or don’t like, you have a today. If you have hobbies or interests you partake in, you have a today. If you have family and friends you love spending time with, you have a today. If you have experienced incredible things or learned valuable lessons, you have a today. See where I am going with this? If you have a today, you can relate to my company and its mission.

Millennium Trail; Wauconda, IL (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)
Millennium Trail; Wauconda, IL (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)

My mission for Trailblazerry Brand Co. is to get people focusing on their today and how it relates to their big picture and overall journey. I want people sharing what is important to them, whether it be a trip they took, a new hobby or skill they are working on, a new restaurant or recipe they tried, advice or a quote that has significance to them, and anything else that brought meaning to their day. I want to continue to create apparel that will be a reminder to them about how important today is. I want my blog to be a place where people can share what happened in their current today or a previous today which shaped them in a profound way, as the things we have to say could change the life of another. I want this brand to bring value to the lives of everyone it touches and I will make sure it does.

“If you have a today, you can relate to my company and its mission.”

Now that we are on the same page again, I will continue to improve Trailblazerry Brand Co. and seek to grow every single day. I am going to simplify its message on all channels so people know that what is going on here applies to them. Everyone has a today and everyone can contribute to the well-being of this brand. I did not do this for me only. I did this to change the world and how we think. I did this to remind everyone that today matters. Every today matters.



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