Love Where You’re At

As we enter into this new year, mixed emotions are felt all over. Some are happy to have a new beginning, a clean slate, and a new page to mark up how they like. They will work out more, stick to that tough diet, take more risks, find love, travel more, and do all those things they were always afraid to do. They will be the people they always knew they could be and it will be incredible. Others dislike the thought of leaving such an amazing 2016 behind. This was the best year yet and there is no way things could get better. They could live in this year forever if they could.

Regardless of how you feel about the issue at hand, one constant stands above all; time passes much faster than you think and it does not stop. Time does not care about your agenda, all you need to do, and all you want to do. Time cruises along at its own pace and it is up to us to adapt our lives to it, not the other way around.

As a young person, especially in high school, I did not think about how little time I had in the grand scheme of things. I made an effort to enjoy myself when I could, but I do not think I truly understood what it meant to love where I was at in my life. I constantly remember thinking about the next stage and “getting out of here” because in my mind, there was nothing for me where I was at.

Hoh River; Forks, WA (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)

I do not think I was alone in my thinking and believe that many people (young and old) fall into the same trap. We think about how much happier we will be when beginning high school, when we go away to college, when we start our first job, when we get a new job, and when we decide a change of scenery will solve everything. We are always focusing so much on what is ahead and visualizing how great things could be, that we forget about where we are at right now. The time we have now has plenty to offer if we look in the right places.

I know life can be hard, and it is normal to want better for ourselves and to desire adventure/what is next. These aspirations promote growth, which is necessary and something we will always be doing during our time here. It is perfectly okay to look forward to the future and the next steps in life, but to wish away your present goes against the very growth you seek. We learn so much about ourselves every single day and I feel like we owe it to ourselves to stop for a second and embrace the time we are in.

I am continuing to learn about and promote the “today matters” mindset both in my business and my life. It has given me such an amazing perspective and I have grown so much with this change in thinking. I spent too much time wishing I was somewhere else and it did not help me grow in the ways I needed to. By embracing today, I have found more joy in life and learned what it means to appreciate the simple things. So stop wishing you were somewhere else and learn how to love the present. You owe it to your future self and your happiness to make the most of your time right now.





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