Content with Your Life

This new year has already brought a number of blessings and insights. My mind and schedule have been occupied in the best ways and it is nice to have to create time for things such as writing and reading. It has been incredible getting people contributing guest articles and the life experiences/advice everyone has shared thus far has been awesome. I hope people continue to feel comfortable sharing these things and I am excited to see the type of impact we can make through writing.

I do not know what has gotten into me, but I feel like my mind is in the zone when it comes to choosing topics for content. It seems as though my senses have been on high alert and I get inspired by things I read, see, and hear more easily than I ever have in the past. I am going to continue to ride this wave and talk about something which applies to everyone: being content with your life.

Content- in a state of peaceful happiness or satisfaction; satisfied; to accept as adequate despite wanting more or better

As you can see in the definition above, the word “content” evokes two very different schools of thought depending on where one is standing. School One tells us that being content is exemplified in a state of mind where one is happy with where he/she is at and displays no desire for anything additional. School Two tells us that being content lies in the in-between ground. The individual is fine where he/she is currently, but things would feel better if he/she was a few more rungs up the ladder. School one is the true mindset of what it means to be content, but the pessimistic mode of thinking (School Two) often takes over and clouds our vision of what it means to be truly content.

School Two content is bitter. It looks through a jealous lens and brings people down. Those in School Two may appear to be okay with how things are going, but their actions and continuous lashing out contradicts everything they are trying to portray. If Person One is constantly getting on Person Two for the things they are doing/not doing or how they are living life (and these things are not inherently having a negative impact on the way that Person Two lives life), we have a very non-content individual in Person One. Person One is not happy or satisfied and there is no real peace in their life. They need to be educated on what content really means and reflect on things.

Lake Superior; Marquette, MI (Photo Credit: Leah Applebach)

How can we help those who are living in a world with a false idea of content? We can start by talking to them. We can ask them how things are going and about what is troubling them. We can try to see things from their perspective and put ourselves in their shoes. This should be done in a very accepting and non-threatening way, as these individuals may be learning about what they have been doing for the first time. Those who exemplify the true meaning of what it means to be content have to be the understanding ones.

Life is tough and often unfair. Being truly content is difficult at times, but it is achievable for everyone if it is looked at in the right ways. It is perfectly okay to have goals and things you are striving for, but remember that it is okay to not have everything you think you want or need right now. Be happy with where you are and take pride in the things you have already overcome. We cannot achieve happiness if we are always complaining about our lives and bringing down others.




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