Rain Is A Good Thing

Do you feel uneasy in some aspect of your life right now? If you do, that is a good thing. If you do not at the moment, do not fret. There will come a time in your life when you are in a difficult spot and you will have to work your way through some things. All of this is part of growing up.

Why am I praising uneasy feelings? Why is being uncomfortable a good thing? Well, I happen to believe these feelings mean we are at a point in our lives where things are either monumentally changing or we are unsatisfied with how we are handling different aspects of our lives. Some groups of people who may be experiencing these feelings include high school and college grads, those who are embracing new opportunities, newly married couples, and those who are first-time parents or adding to their families.

High school graduates, you are leaving your bubble for the first time and you are now largely responsible for your own lives. Your independence is at an all time high. No one can force you to go to class, you can stay up as late as you want, you can see your friends whenever, you can eat whatever you want for breakfast, and you have no authority figures to tell you otherwise. College graduates, you are completely responsible for your own lives for all the reasons stated above, with the added bonus of figuring out this survival thing. Can I find a good job that will support my lifestyle and help in chipping away at my school debt? Can I continue to live my college lifestyle and still be a functional member of society? Do I even want to do that?

How about those of us who are embracing a new opportunity to change our lives? Maybe you desire a change of scenery and are in the process of making a jump to a new place? As exciting as that is, you wonder if you will find a good job or a nice place to live? If you have already locked those two things down, you wonder if you will stay in that career or love your new place? Maybe you just got married. How will I handle married life and will it be harder/easier than I thought it would be?  How will my life change now that the two of us are bound together in this new life? Maybe you just had your first child or another child. How will I be as a parent? What challenges will I face in this new/existing role?

Mackinac Bridge; Mackinaw, City, MI (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)
Are someone who is experiencing some of the unease I mentioned above? Maybe you have something else that is scary to you and keeping you from feeling like yourself? Wherever you happen to be in life, please know that these feelings are temporary, and while they may seem like storm clouds hovering over your head, they are really a blessing in disguise. Re-evaluation, growth, and adjustment are things we constantly need to be embracing in our lives. They allow us to learn more about ourselves and make the necessary changes we need to be the best people we can be.

The storm clouds may be scary, dark, and loud. They may ruin certain days or make you doubt yourself and what you are trying to do, but they also bring the rain. This rain helps you grow into who you were meant to be. Embrace the clouds and what is uneasy in your life. You never know the types of blessing they are going to bring you.






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