Life Update

Happy summer everybody! I hope everyone is well and enjoying all the nicer weather we are having. I just wanted to apologize for being missing in action for the last month. I have been going through a little bit of an adjustment period in life and the transition has kept me very busy.

With that said, I want to update you all on my journey. I moved up to Allendale, Michigan on June 12th and began a lease on a town home right across the street from the campus of Grand Valley State University. While I was a little sad about moving away from home, I was excited about being on my own in a new place. I did not have a job quite yet, but I felt like I had some promising leads with a few companies in the area. As I walked into my empty home, I had my mind set on furnishing it and starting a job in the next week. What I did not realize is that my patience would be tested in more ways than one and that I was not a even-keel as I thought.

A day later, I would end up accepting a sales job with a building supply company who specializes in log home-type builds and products. I was so excited because this is a huge area of interest and this was a small, but growing company. I was and still am optimistic about where they are headed and what I can do to help them move forward. Even the growing pains I have experienced so far (i.e. learning about different products, figuring out new processes, becoming better with people, etc.) have been mellow because I work with so many awesome, helpful people. It is nice waking up every morning not dreading going into work.

Ottawa County, Michigan Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson/Austin Ames

While work has been great, resulting in an overall low level of stress, I had an abundance of little things building up on my plate. All of these small things building up brought me into a weird spot and my attitude started to change. A lot of it had to do with all the things I wanted to get done, but had to wait for. I had to do all the things associated with moving, like getting a new license and registering my vehicle, getting my bills switched over, getting all the appropriate things hooked up, figuring out where things were, and furnishing this new place day by day. The larger part of my stress was rooted in not feeling like I had a place to call home. My new bed and couch were ordered, but took two and a half weeks to arrive. I was living out of a duffle bag at my fiancé’s dads house and as blessed as I felt to have a place to stay, I could not settle down.

After realizing that my attitude was not where it should have been, I opted to accept where I was and be patient. I had to tackle things one at a time because I would not be in this middle ground forever. Leah and I ended up getting all of our furniture last weekend and I was able to get the last of my list finished up. Now that I have a place to call home, I plan on focusing on building my career, writing more, becoming a good husband, exploring my new surroundings, and building Trailblazerry Brand Co. back up. My business means the world to me and now that I am all set up in my new home, I am going to focus on getting its message and the apparel out to the masses. We will continue our Free Shipping Summer promotion (go to and enter code FREESHIP at checkout), so you can get your favorite gear sent to you on us. We want to reward people for making the decision to make each day matter.

This is it for now. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and supported me throughout my journey. I could not do it without you.






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