Treat People Well

Everyone on this planet has a different life and story to tell. We have all grown up a certain way, been through certain hardships, and have different ways of dealing with everything that has ever happened to us. No matter what you have gone through in your life, I believe that one thing should always hold true: Treat people well.

This seems like such a simple concept, but in reality, it is a lost art. Too many people out there feel like the world owes them something or that they are above other people. It is okay to be proud of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what you have overcome, but disrespecting people is never okay (whether they have disrespected you or not).

Holland State Beach; Holland, MI (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)
I think being in sales and customer service for the majority of my working life has opened my eyes to such a sad truth. I have experienced people who seem to be irritated for no apparent reason and take it out on those around them. I have been verbally disrespected by people who I have done absolutely nothing to. I have been around people who boast about everything they have done and could care less about anyone else. As a bystander, it is easy to become annoyed or flustered in the moment and say some things you do not mean the second they walk out that door. Rather than stoop to a lower level, use it all as a measuring stick and example of what you never want to be. Disrespecting people is never going to get you where you want to be, even if you think you are already there.

So where does treating people well get you? It gets you to the forefront of peoples minds. It takes you to a place where you are elevated and at ease. It gives you the ability to not only change someone else’s life, but to change your own life. Treating others well could help you land the job you always wanted or a promotion. It could put you in a better position to make new friends or find a spouse. It could help you gain more respect in the community. All of these examples are wonderful, but do not use this gift as a means to an end. As I said before, make it about other people and it will take you to places you could not have gotten to on your own.

Spread the good vibes and keep living on purpose.






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