The Path is There

The world we live in today is one that is both very visual and skeptical. Our trust is challenged daily and we are often trying to figure out what kind of angle is being worked or why something turned out how it did. Why is it so hard to imagine the amazing plan in place for our lives? Why is it so difficult for us to see the path in front of us and to be patient enough to stay on it?

We live in a world of instant gratification and we want things to happen on our time. We do not want to experience struggle because it is hard. When we do accept struggle, we challenge the notion that “things will get better” and remain in a place of negativity. We look at an open space where our path is supposed to be and do not believe there is a way to the next stop because we cannot see it.

Oval Beach- Saugatuck, Michigan (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)

If we lived our lives by the rule that we need to see everything to believe it, things would be downright terrifying. There is so much in our world that we cannot physically see and we continue to trust the outcomes of our actions. If we only believed in things we saw, we would be living in a state of constant fear, which is draining. No one has time for this and we need to change our vision ASAP.

Trust your path. It is here now and it always has been. Who cares if you do not know where you are going to be in five years! The truth is, you do not know where you are going to be five minutes from now. Ultimately, you have no control over your outcomes, but you can live your life in a way where you can move in the right direction. Enjoy each day, trust your path (even though you cannot see it), and keep moving ahead. Everything will go according to plan.




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