Let Go

While sitting in the middle of church today, I heard one of the most profound things come out of the mouth of a 17 year old kid named Kennedy. This girl was part of a group leading worship today and she was invited to share her story. She is a junior in high school, loves music, and clearly has a bright future ahead of her. What she shared with us was her struggle with being adopted. In the past, she has always viewed it as a blessing, knowing that her biological mother could not take adequate care of her. She knows she would not be where she is today had her current family not been placed in her life. She is thankful for all of the opportunities she has been given, but at times, the feeling of being “unwanted” takes over.

We often will never understand why certain things happen the way they do. In Kennedy’s situation, she has a hard time understanding why the person who gave birth to her gave her up. What about those who lose their parents at an early age? What about those parents who lose their kids before getting to watch them grow up? What about all of those hard-working people who cannot get ahead in life no matter how hard they try? What about those people who continue to put their hearts out there only to continue to get them stomped on by the wrong people? What we have here is a broad spectrum of situations, which are all difficult in their own way, but all have a similar solution: Letting Go.

Marne, Michigan (Photo Credit: Ryan Magnuson)

As Kennedy began to wrap up her short speech, she left everyone with this same message. The only way to get to a place where you can truly embrace and leave your legacy is to let go of things which trouble you. For her, it was re-affirming why her mother left and how incredible her life is now with her new family. By letting go, she has been able to step into her life and grow immensely.

What is the thing that is troubling you? What is holding you back from truly living your life and leaving your legacy? I encourage you to think about this and take steps to making this change. I fully plan on doing the same and I am excited to see how life will change because of this decision. Have a great week and I hope you continue to make each day matter.





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