Square One Sale

What’s going on everyone! We hope you are getting geared up for spring and (hopefully) the warmer weather. There has been no significant changes to the brand, but we are intent on continuing to write inspirationally, share stories, and live the type of life where we are making each day matter. We hope you all are continuing to make those same strides and leave an impact on those in your life.

While the apparel side of our business has slowed down due to how busy life has been, we remain hopeful that we will be able create new designs and share our message through clothing in the future. Our current goal is to get back to square one and re-evaluate where we want to go with this side of our business. How can you help? You can help by taking advantage of our Square One Sale!









We are knocking down the prices to all of our awesome shirts to $7.00 until we clear out our current inventory. This means that all shirts, especially our Big Log Tees and our Blessed Over Stressed Tees, are at an all time low price. These shirts are super comfortable (an ultra-light, soft poly/cotton blend), have an awesome screen-printed design (no worrying about fading), and are suited for any activity you plan on doing (whether it be working out, lounging with friends, heading out to dinner, etc.)

We have about 200 shirts left in our current stock and we plan on having them all moved by the end of the year. Help us get to our goal by visiting trailblazerrybrandco.com and picking one up while supplies last! Thank you for all of the continued support and we hope we continue to inspire you as much as you inspire us!





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