We Are Better Together

When you are looking for your spouse, your goal should never be to find your “other half”. A successful life relationship takes two whole people, a common core set of beliefs/ideals, and hard work (very hard work). There is obviously a lot more to this, but you get a good start with the three ideals listed.

I spent most of my teen years and early 20s looking for my “other half” and was discouraged when I was not finding what I was looking for. It was not until I became whole that I was able to decipher what was and was not right for me. I needed to find another whole person who I could become better with and who could become better with me (through our common beliefs and a dedication to work through anything). When my wife came into my life, I knew this would be someone who I could become “better” with, which is exactly what has happened.

We have been married for almost seven months to the day and I can honestly say I have never loved anything on this earth more. Have things been perfect? Absolutely not! If you think marriage is going to be perfect or expect it to be, you are in for a rude awakening. There are times where we annoy each other to no end. There are times when we get frustrated (me with my job and trying to find the right thing that I can be passionate about, my wife trying to balance work with an extremely demanding school schedule, and both of us wishing we had a little bit of breathing room financially). Regardless of what we are experiencing in life and what we go through in our daily journey, there is not a person I would rather come home to.

(Photo Credit: Riverside Church; Three Rivers, MI)

There are days when I walk through the door after a long day feeling defeated, fed up with people, and wishing I could be working in an area of passion. My wife lifts me up and encourages me, even though she has heard the same story hundreds of times. There are days when I miss home, my family, and my friends. My wife is right there to pick me up. There are days I miss doing the things that brought me most happiness. My wife gives me faith that I will one day do those things again.

Life is really freaking hard, folks. I have no doubt that we will encounter things far tougher than what we have been through already in our time as newlyweds, but I also have no doubt that we will make it through. We are better and stronger together than we are apart and this is the person I always want to come home to. Whether you have been married for 10 years or are not even dating anyone right now, take this to heart. This is what you need to search for and be around; someone who you can be better together with.






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