To Persevere or Not

Persevering is a tough one, isn’t it? Or is giving up just easy? I think it is a little bit of a draw when it comes to these two views, especially in the world we live in today. It seems like the majority of us are getting the raw end of the deal in some way or another. School debts, jobs that pay jack squat, the high cost of the most modest of luxuries, and having to put lives/families on hold to get ahead are just a few of the bothersome things in my life. Many people are worse off than my average, millennial brain leads me to believe, but I also know many relate.

Relating to others in this way is nice because you do not feel as lonely being the only person getting the raw end of the deal, but to find comfort in this is tragic. I would rather be part of the group that takes action and does something about it. I would rather be the person who weathered the storms than be the one who played the victim and gave up. Choosing to persevere is a decision you can make at any point in your life, but it is also something you have to choose to do every day. It is a never-ending process and one which is vital to your growth as a person.


The past two years have been the easiest and hardest for my wife and I. We truly are best friends and enjoy our lives together. We are focused on our journey as husband and wife and creating a strong partnership where we both give 100% of ourselves. Money has been tight and school has been stressful (more tough times than we can count), but we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Leah will be graduating with her Doctorate in April and starting a new career as a Nurse Practitioner (her calling). This will be the first time in our life together that we will be able to enjoy each other fully (such a freeing feeling) and it would not be possible without perseverance.

When we leave this phase of life and move on to the next, we will remember the good times and bad times. We will remember the values and beliefs that got us through, as well as who got us through it. More than anything, we will embrace the fact that we never gave up. Whatever you are going through, continue to persevere. Make the choice to do so and battle for it every day. You will be amazed with how far you will go.






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